Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum (Forum) was the first neighbourhood forum in the City of Westminster (Westminster) to be subject to an Examination of its neighbourhood plan.

The Forum was designated by Westminster on 21 July 2015 as a neighbourhood forum under the Localism Act 2011 and has a five year exclusive right to develop an official neighbourhood plan for the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Area.  All neighbourhood plan policies undergo a process of formal Examination after the Submission (Regulation 16) Consultation and then a Referendum of residents on the electoral roll. 

If adopted after the Referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan will become part of Westminster's statutory development plan and will be used alongside the Council's own planning documents and the Mayor's London Plan in determining planning applications in the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Area. 

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Westminster City Council announced the appointment of Ms Jill Kingaby BSc (Econ) MSc MRTPI as independent examiner for the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan on 28 February 2018.  The examiner will consider the representations submitted to the council and whether the plan meets the ‘Basic Conditions’.

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Membership of the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum (Forum) is open to people who live, work or study in the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Area and local councillors in each case who support the purpose of the Forum and complete an online membership form.  Further details about the membership process are defined in our Constitution and the Localism Act 2011.

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