Best practice guidance

In preparing the Neighbourhood Plan, the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum (Forum, KNF or Neighbourhood Forum) has produced 'Best practice guidance' on matters such as community engagement, construction standards and procedures and Tree Management Plans.  

The content of this guidance was consulted upon during the Regulation 14 and Regulation 16 consultations on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Where this guidance includes matters that relate to planning applications rather than procedural matters, they will be treated as material considerations after a successful referendum.  Unlike the Neighbourhood Plan however they do not have development plan status.

The initial collection of 'Best practice guidance' includes:

  1. Best practice guidance on community engagement
  2. Best practice guidance on construction standards and procedures
  3. Best practice guidance on Tree Management Plans

It may be updated, or other guidance added, from time to time.

Updated on 3 July 2018.