Coronavirus matters in Knightsbridge

Coronavirus COVID-19 is a serious health concern and beginning to disrupt day to day life around the world, including in Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum, in close consultation with the Knightsbridge Association, produced an initial eight tips and this webpage with selected resources about Coronavirus COVID-19 to help people, businesses and cultural institutions in Knightsbridge.

This webpage will be updated periodically and the most recent bulletin is available here.

*Always dial 999 in a medical emergency*

Latest NHS advice:

We are also in contact with Westminster City Council which is being very supportive.  Updates and opportunities to offer or receive help here:

World Health Organisation's advice on homecare for patients with COVID-19 (14 August 2020)

Period bulletins:

The Second Coronavirus bulletin was published on 30 March 2020.

Eight tips for the local community include:

1. Check the latest health and general advice. 

Examples include: NHS, Government and World Health Organisation advice and news networks.

2. Know the do's and don'ts for under/over 70's, the vulnerable, self-isolating, illness and emergencies.  Learn how to bump elbows and tap toes!

Print out the latest NHS and government advice. Don't forget to keep active and cheerful and help others, if you can!  Stay healthy or get well soon.

3. Establish street and building networks so under-70's can support over-70s and vulnerable people that they know best.  Why not call someone rather than emailing them?

You might consider establishing protocols that are: practical, timely and positive; avoid scams, financial risk or ill-feeling; and follow official health advice.

4. What do you need at home if you're locked down for 14 days?  

Priority items might include food, drink and medical supplies. Other items might include (in alphabetical order): bathroom, kitchen and laundry supplies including soap; batteries; cash; light bulbs; petrol; printer cartridges and paper; reading material or DVDs; and rubbish and recycling bags.  Don't mention loo roll or dry pasta!


5. Support local shops, businesses and cultural institutions, where you can.

Local shops, businesses and cultural institutions are making a special effort to support the local community. Don't forget that many of the cultural institutions offer online access and information:

6. Check availability of local services and transport, if you need to travel.

Rubbish and recycling collections, street cleaning etc.,6IQ5,1QZP30,OK4B,1

7. Update emergency and day to day contact lists.

Don't forget email and web addresses.

8. Know where to find more.  

We will endeavour to keep you updated from time to time as the situation develops on this webpage:

Useful links and resources

A. Local shops, restaurants, services and things to do


Knightsbridge Brompton Road store:

FAQs including deliveries and collections:

Bulgari Hotel

Cutler and Gross

Discover South Kensington - lots of information about online access to local cultural institutions

Haandi - Indian takeaways


Knights Food Fayre - they have lots of useful groceries and hardware and will deliver

Lloyds Bank

No details online at this time.

Mailboxes etc

4 Montpelier Street, London SW7 1EE

Post office


Stock-checker for 'Brompton Road Local' and 'Cromwell Road':




Zia Theresa - take-away pizzas

B. Government Coronavirus COVID-19 action plan

C. Online services including those you can sign up to:

D.  Number of cases and risk in the UK

E. World Health Organisation advice

Daily situation reports:

F. Checklist and advice from the Centre of Disease Control in the USA:

G.  London resilience planning:

H.  National and global statistics:

Last updated on 14 August 2020