Planning applications

 The Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum (KNF) was established, inter alia, to develop planning policy and influence neighbourhood management in the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Area for the benefit of the local community.  

Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to develop a shared vision for their area.  Neighbourhood plans can shape, direct and help to deliver sustainable development, by influencing local planning decisions as part of the statutory development plan.

Once a neighbourhood plan has been brought into force (i.e. 'made' or 'adopted'), the policies it contains take precedence over existing non-strategic policies in the local plan (i.e. Westminster City Council's City Plan) covering the neighbourhood area, where they are in conflict, unless they are superseded by strategic or non-strategic policies that are adopted subsequently.  This means that the neighbourhood plan becomes the starting point in the determination of planning applications.

In accordance with Regulation 20 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Westminster City Council ('Westminster') formally 'made' (adopted) the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan ('KNP') on 11 December 2018.

The KNP is therefore now part of the statutory development plan for Westminster and must be used, together with the council's own planning documents and the Mayor's London Plan, in determining planning applications in the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Area.

The KNP includes policies on a range of matters including character, heritage, community uses, retail, offices, housing, cultural uses, transport and the environment.

Prior to adoption, the KNP was subject to public consultation, independent examination and local referendum.

The presumption in favour of sustainable development does not change the statutory status of the development plan as the starting point for decision making.  Where a planning application conflicts with an up-to-date development plan (including any neighbourhood plans that form part of the development plan), permission should not usually be granted. Local planning authorities may take decisions that depart from an up-to-date development plan, but only if material considerations in a particular case indicate that the plan should not be followed.

This webpage highlights planning applications and other matters that the Forum considers significant in the KNA.

Significant planning applications

Westminster City Council's planning portal

129 - 139 Knightsbridge (closes 5 February 2020): Use of basement, ground and first floors as restaurant (Class A3), erection of new flat roof to create additional first floor space, and extension of existing extract ductwork to south west elevation. (Site includes 2-12 Brompton Road).

86 Brompton Road - Application for installation of a new shopfront refused (18 September 2019). Application for tables and chairs, replacement shopfront etc (closed 1 January 2020).

102A Brompton Road (tables and chairs permitted until 31 August 2020)



15 Lancelot Place (closed 31 May 2019) - Objection lodged.  Application permitted

102A Brompton Road (closed 17 May 2019) - Objection lodged.  WCC granted permission on 4 June 2019 subject to seven conditions.

130 Brompton Road (closed 12 April 2019) - Objection lodged. WCC refused on 1 May 2019.


3-11 Lancelot Place (closed 5 April 2019) - Objection lodged.

Lancelot Place planning statement_February 2019

20-21 Montpelier Mews (approved with conditions 17 September 2019)



Montpelier Mews_Full response to representations 260319

16-19 Montpelier Mews (decision notice dated 3 January 2019)

Hyde Park Barracks

A news story appeared in the Daily Mail on 1 January 2019 titled 'Ministry of Defence 'covered up' shock report that thousands of soldiers are living in 'deadly' barracks which could become new Grenfell disasters'.  The story byline stated 'Buildings such as Hyde Park Barracks in central London were said to be at risk'.  

Following an information request from the Forum and a request for review, the Ministry of Defence advised that the report referred to in the media article had been published on 4 January 2019: 


Following a second information request from the Forum, the Ministry of Defence confirmed in a letter dated 7 June 2019 that:

"Under Section 16 of the Act (Advice and Assistance) you may find it helpful to note that Hyde Park Barracks is maintained to comply with statutory and mandatory regulations; including Fire related regulations. This includes all inspections and maintenance tasks."

Article by 20th Century Society in April 2015

Planning brief for Chelsea Barracks

Decision letter date 30 September 2015

Certificate of Immunity from Listing (until 19 January 2021)

Site Allocations Development Plan Document (June 2019)

Consultations and Other

Last updated on 9 January 2020